Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ordering for August!!! Last month of the summer!

So this month I tried some new items, so I'll start by typing about that.
Alison's Pantry Crock Pot Pulled Pork BBQ Seasoning Mix #5191 .... one word: AMAZING! I just got a pork loin, mixed the seasoning mix with brown sugar, ketchup, and apple cider vinegar, poured it over the pork loin (in the crock pot) let it cook four hours, pulled the pork, and let it sit until dinner and it was sooo good! My husband and I both absolutely loved it! Normally, to BBQ items I add extra BBQ sauce and with this I didn't even have to because the flavor was so full!
Alison's Pantry just started carrying some freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, Jeremiah and I downed the Pineapple! It was so delicious and a healthy snack! I was so excited because fruit is hard to feed a 1 year old, but these are just perfect! They are located on the bottom of page 27 in the #8 flyer!
Holten Thick and Juicy Black Angus Burgers #5788, these burgers are HUGE and delicious! They are seriously the size of 1 1/2 burgers! I couldn't believe the size and totally worth every penny! I love having pre-made frozen hamburgers for a quick, yummy meal! Just pull them out of the freezer and throw them on the grill (or George Foreman) and dinner's done in 10 minutes, that's the kind of meal I like!
AP Deluxe Mixed Nuts Roasted and Salted #3971 : So in the last few months my husband and I have been on a "nut" binge! We have tried everything from Planter's to Menard's! We got these nuts in from AP and they were gone shortly after we opened the bag! They were so fresh and delicious, by far the best nuts that we've had (and I'm not just saying this, it's TRUE!)

Now for this month....I will take $5.00 off your order of $50.00 or more if you leave a comment on this blog so that I know it's worth my time doing this each month! ;)

I love Alison's Pantry products and I hope that you are loving yours as well!! Everything that I get from Alison's Pantry is fresh and delicious, and a great bargain! I hope that you're feeling the same, please feel free to leave your comments on this page so that we can start learning more about the products together and find more delicious foods that we LOVE!

One last item of business: On page 27 in the #8 catalog they have a NEW 2 MONTH FOOD STORAGE UNIT 5 cases ... #5828 .... $263.99. It's  a quick short term supply of Dehydrated food. It is estimated that this will give a person 1274 calories per day for 2 months!


At June 18, 2010 at 7:56 AM , Blogger Whitney said...

They have amazing products. I am actually working on my order for next month. Not sure what to order yet...better get it figured out!! We love their Holten's Pork Chops. I take them out at night, marinade them in whatever marinade sounds good then cook them the next day for lunch...They have flavor and are not dry!

At June 19, 2010 at 6:35 PM , Blogger Jenn and Mike said...

I have to say I am addicted to Allison's Pantry.. and wish I had more to spend each month!

At July 8, 2010 at 4:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have used the Fiesta Blend #4983 in our morninging blender drinks. They are yummy. I also really like the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo # 3115 for a quick meal.

Michele Wistisen


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