Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time Just Keeps Flying!

We just got in our May order and we're getting ready to put in our July order, can you believe that!?
Well, it's a great time to prepare for summer! I'd like to once again hilight HOLTEN MEATS. They have great steaks and hamburgers! One of my customers just received the Ribeye's and said, "The rib eye steaks were so tender and delicious! The boys who seldom eat meat asked for seconds! Thanks for everything!!"

Holten Seasoned Flat Iron Steaks
    14/6 oz cryo-vac'd. #5562 ..... $38.99

Rib Eye Steaks, Tenderized
      8/10 oz                 #5561 .... $31.99

St. Louis Boneless Ribs
      40/4 oz ribs (10 lb case) #4616 ..... $42.99

Black Angus Chuck Hamburger Patties
       10 lb case (40 Patties)  #5161 .... $29.99

USDA Choice Top Sirloin Culotte Steaks
        10/8 oz cryo-vac'd #5559 .... #39.99

....And a few more, just check out page 5 of your flyer! If you don't have a flyer yet, and would like one, call me at 259.2969 ;)

So, for those of you who would like to order some HOLTEN Meat I'm going to do a drawing this month! For every $50.00 you spend and if you order 1 or more HOLTEN Meat product, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a 4 lb pan of Alison's Pantry BBQ chicken AND Savory Seasoned Roasted Russets Chunks AND Whole Kernal Corn w/ Sauce (A Whole meal for a family of 4 ... on ME!) That's value of almost $38.00! And refer a friend (who orders also) and receive $5.00 off of your order of $50.00 or more (one $5.00 redemption per order.)!!!
Can't wait to hear from you! 307.259.2969 or


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