Friday, April 16, 2010

Summer's Almost Here!!!

Special Offers from NNM Enterprises:
                           This month if you email me with the code "Summer Family Fun", and your order of $50 or more by MAY 1, you will receive $5.00 off! (

Special Offer from Alison's Pantry:
                           Purchase $75.00 of products from this catalog to qualify to purchase
                                                 *5 pounds of Gourmet Pasta w/
                                                 *5 Seasoning Packets
                                                 *All for just $6.99
                                                 *Valued at over $40.00!!!
                                                 *Delicious Deal!

This last month we made "white" pizza and it was delicious! We just had a pre-made crust (#5069 or #5070) and made Alfredo Sauce using SHIRLEY J's UNIVERSAL SAUCE (#5240) and SHIRLEY J CHICKEN BOUILLON (no MSG added) (#5249). We then topped the pizza with precooked FOSTER FARMS NATURAL CHICKEN BREASTS (#5513), which was seasoned with MEDITERRANEAN SEASONING RUB (#5192) (this rub is fabulous!!!! I use it all the time now!), pickled artichoke hearts, and CACHE VALLEY MOZZARELLA CHEESE (#5048) and it was absolutely delicious and fast!
It makes a great meal or a great after-school snack for the kids!


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